Niklas Stolze: „Training in SBG is one of the best things that happened to my life." (interview)

In just few days you will fight at Oktagon 7. You already have scheduled bout in september, so why did you decide to take this one?

„It’s right that I took the fight before my fight in September happens.
The story is me and my manager already contacted Oktagon so I knew that I’ll be fighting there.
I knew I’m fighting but I didn’t know the opponent.“
Your opponent in Prague will be Jan Janka. In Instagram post in which you announced this fight, you called him "Czech bad boy". I assume that it´s because of his recent weigh-in incident, when he shoved his opponent back in february, right? What would you do, if he does same thing against you?

„I don’t think he will do this (expletive) to me, I mean it’s a big fight for him and for me so let’s fight in the cage, otherwise we don’t get paid.“
When we put this incident aside, what do you think about him as a fighter? How his style matches up with your?

„You can describe him in a few words – aggressive, relentless and very open.
So I like his style, it’s suits me very well and I don’t know where my advantage will be, but I will figure him out during the first few exchanges.“
Your prediction for this fight?

„Finishing him.“
You are training in famous SBG Ireland, but if I´m right, also home in Germany. Where did you train for this fight?

„I had a long camp for my last fight in Dublin now I’m back in Germany training alongside Sascha Poppendieck, my head and striking coach, and Michael Malischewski from berserkers MD.
Also Benjamin Brinsa a good friend of mine helped with this preparation.“
Few weeks ago, you posted photo after training with Michael ´Venom´ Page. How experience it was?

„Micheal is one of the best striker in the world so I did a few sparring rounds with him. It was a good experience but not more.“

In SBG Ireland you are training with a lot of great fighters. What does that give to you?

„Training in SBG is one of the best things that happened to my life. It gives you something special I really can’t describe it. You have to feel it but I think it is this “Aura” in the gym. Everyone is a competitive team member and you always wanna push yourself and your team members to the limit. This why this gym is one of the best in my opinion the best of the world! I could say 10000 good words about this gym,  it’s just great there! Wouldn’t be possible without that great mastermind John Kavangh.“
You are teammate of the biggest star MMA has ever known. Of course we are talking about Conor McGregor. Did you already train with him also?

„I don’t know him much, I saw him a few times back in the training camp for Diaz 2. I was also in the gym so we trained a few times but we are not friends or something like that. We are team mates, he is doing his training, I’m doing my training. But I can say it is (expletive) inspiring to see this guy walking in the same gym like you! He gave everyone in MMA hope to get money to make a good life for you and your family, your friends, your girlfriend. This is the goal of everyone and he showed us how to do it! Talk the talk, walk the walk!“
Lot of thing happening around Conor, but it seems like his return is near. What´s your prediction for his next fight?

„I don’t know anything, sorry, but if he fights Khebab then he will knock him out cold!“

Your nickname is ´Green Mask´. Why?

„It’s a long story with that mask but I’ll make it a bit shorter. My coach had this idea to walking out with this mask that the people recognise. 
You always remember me cause of this mask so it worked.“
Are you looking forward to visiting Prague? Have you been there before?

„I love Prague, it’s such a beautiful city. I have been there before and I’m stunned how friendly the atmosphere was and how good the food was. I really like it! But I’m coming to do a job and after maybe we can explore the city again.“

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